Archie Rose Distilling Co.


      A Sydney-based distillery and bar, initially focusing on artisan gin but moving recently into the field of whisky - making them the first Sydney multi-spirit distillery in 160 years! Australian-made traditional copper pot stills and a focus on the highest-quality raw materials have seen their gin win accolades worldwide. Check out the Signature Dry gin or the sunrise lime-spiked Native Botanical Vodka.

      Archie Rose's approach is inspired by variety and vitality of Australian agriculture.

      Archie Rose are the first multi-spirit distillery in Sydney in 160 years, and produce an innovative variety of gin, vodka and whisky inspired by the variety and vitality of Australian agriculture. Their focus on high-quality ingredients, attention to detail, and the use of traditional slower methods has made them beloved worldwide over the years since their establishment in 2014.

      Archie Rose produce gin, vodka, and whisky. The gin is distilled in traditional copper pot stills and flavoured with Australian botanicals, with the Signature Dry and Distiller's Strength being the core parts of the range. The Native Botanical vodka is similarly flavoured, but without a juniper element.

      The whisky range includes malt whiskies made with barley, rye & both.

      Archie Rose's Signature Dry Gin is a consistently popular product, and delivers a classic dry gin taste with notes of Aussie botanicals such as Geraldton Wax and sunrise lime. Those looking for a higher-octane experience can try the Distiller's Taste gin, and the ever-broadening range of Archie Rose whiskies is also picking up.

      The Native Botanical Vodka by Archie Rose is rather gin-liked, spiked with botanical flavours in the same way as gin is. It contains no juniper, which means it's not technically a gin, but gin lovers might find they like it just as much and it's worth experimenting with it in any gin-based cocktail or mixed drink!