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      Raise a glass to the bold and vibrant flavors of premium tequila, a spirit like no other. Tequila is a traditional Mexican spirit made from the blue agave plant and known for its bold flavor and smooth finish.

      From premium brands to small-batch distilleries, there's a tequila for every taste and occasion. Whether you prefer a smooth and clean taste or a bold and spicy flavor, you can find the perfect tequila to suit your needs.

      Perfect for sipping neat or mixing into cocktails, tequila is a must-have in any bar. Order now and experience the bold and vibrant flavors of premium tequila today.

      Tequila's proud history as a beverage begins in the 18th century, where a mash, similar to the traditional Aztec beverage pulque, created from oven-dried agave hearts would be fermented and then distilled into a potent and peppery mescal - the Tequila valley, the heartland of this industry, lended its name to an emerging style that moved the oven-drying step from underground earthen pit ovens to modern electric or gas-powered ovens for a smoother, lighter spirit.

      Even today, the methods of tequila production remain mostly unchanged in much of Jalisco from processes practiced over a hundred years ago. The agave plant is tricky to raise, harvest, and process, and skilled "jimadores" (agave harvesters) are in high demand.

      You should buy tequila for every party or to just have as part of your bar line up for your next margarita cocktail.

      There are plenty of reasons to buy tequila whether it's for shots, mixing in cocktails or for a high quality sipping spirit. Tequila is a versatile cocktail ingredient, a food pairing option, or a way to connect with the rich culture and history of Mexico.

      Tequilas can be añejo (aged), reposado (rested), blanco or plata (white or silver), and can be made from a blend of base materials or from pure agave.

      The most popular type of tequila is typically blanco or silver tequila, which is often used for cocktails like Margaritas or shots.

      Reposado and Añejo tequilas are also popular, particularly among those who enjoy sipping tequila or using it in premium cocktails.

      Extra Añejo tequila is the rarest and most expensive type of tequila, and is often considered a sipping tequila to be enjoyed on its own.

      Joven or gold tequila is less commonly used and is often considered lower quality compared to other types of tequila.

      Both are brown or golden tequilas, but reposado ("rested") is aged very briefly in oak and añejo ("aged") can sit in flavourful oak barrels for up to four years, or even longer. Añejo tequilas have more brown-spirit flavours of cinnamon, vanilla and caramel, while reposados simply smooth out some of the pepperiness of white (blanco) tequila. Any of the three types is great in a Margarita - feel free to experiment!