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      Our selection of American whiskies. Yee-haw! We've got classic and small batch bourbon, gift packs, and can see aboot some Canadian whisky if that's what you're looking for.

      Distillers of Scottish and Irish heritage have made whiskey in America since the 18th century (with a brief break for Prohibition in the United States), using the local corn as well as rye and barley. Whiskey in the United States has developed a distinctive local style, sweet and potent, and may be Bourbon (corn-based), rye whiskey or wheat whiskey. The Canadian style is lighter and more stylistically varied.

      American whiskey in the United States is usually aged in a new charred American oak barrel, giving a distinct sweet character. Depending on the mash bill (mix of grains) used, it may be a Bourbon (corn-based), rye or wheat whisky. Canadian whisky, which often uses a high amount of rye for a spicy character and is often smoother and lighter, is also popular.

      Bourbon whiskey is loved worldwide for its sweet, full-bodied flavour. Jim Beam is the worldwide ambassador for the style, with the related style of Tennessee Whiskey best represented by Jack Daniels. Smooth spicy Canadian whisky is also popular worldwide, with Canadian Club a popular drop for over a century now.

      Tennessee Whiskey starts with the exact same processes as Bourbon Whiskey, but finishes with a "Lincoln County Process" of filtration through sugar maple charcoal for an added smoothness. Currently, all Tennessee Whiskies could legally be sold as Bourbon, but distillers love to show their pride in their state and their process.