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      We're big fans of the pink stuff at Secret Bottle, and we've got plenty of options available. Try a Mystery Pack if you'd like us to send a few stellar options your way at a great price, or look over our broad range of Provencal rosés for some Mediterranean refreshment.

      There's perhaps no type of wine that speaks to spring and summer, picnics and recreation, and the outdoors as light & vibrant rosé. It's a perfect match for all sorts of meals, snacks, charcuterie and hors d'oeuvres and a fantastic way to elevate any occasion. Try a sparkling rosé (a Rosé Champagne, even!) as an aperitif, or share a fruit-forward Grenache-based rosé with those classic strawberries-and-cream notes with friends.

      Rosé is fresh, flavourful, and food-friendly. Pick from a great selection of rosés suitable for all sorts of occasions, budgets and palates here at Secret Bottle.

      Rosés can be sweet or dry, light or rich, and made from a variety of red grapes.

      Our Rosé Mystery Pack isn't just a great deal - it's also our most popular Rosé option!

      Rosé and red wine are both made from red grapes (which are actually somewhere between deep red and purplish-blue in colour), but with rosés, the skins are removed shortly after pressing the grapes and don't get a chance to flavour or colour the wine much. Rosés are lighter and less tannic than red wines because of this, and usually served chilled.