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      Some bottles go great with a group of friends. Others are far too good to share. 

      Which one are you after?

      With so many wines, it can be difficult to narrow it down!

      Buuuuuut just relax. We've got you – that’s why we’re both here.

      At Secret Bottle, we make your decision easy by helping you to understand why you’re drinking what you’re drinking and telling you a little bit about each wine so you’re well-informed.

      It’ll be like you’re a Sommelier when we’re done with you.

      From there, it’s as simple as deciding whether to keep the good stuff for yourself or share the secret with a few fortunate friends.

      Wine has been a beloved beverage ever since its invention somewhere in the Caucasus mountains some six thousand years ago. Wine can be bold, breezy, rich, crisp, fruity, dark, sweet, dry, and more.

      It's perfect gift, of course, and there's an art to finding the perfect wine for your dinner or party. Or maybe you just want to savour the amazing things a winemaker's done with some amazing grapes!

      Wines are often broadly divided into white and red, with sparkling and fortified categories (which can be either) also mentioned. Rosé wines (wine from red grapes made in a white wine style) and orange or amber wines (vice versa) are also possible and delicious.

      Within this, we can identify various types or varietals of grapes - for example, the popular Shiraz red grape - and also various regional styles, such as Champagne, or approaches, such as the natural wine movement.

      Globally, red wine is a little more popular than white wine. Italy, France, and Spain are the largest producers of wine, with "New World" producers in Australia and the Americas trailing a little behind.

      Wine preferences are strongly regional, and many wine drinkers prefer to grab a local or domestic wine - these are usually better value than international, without the need to ship the wine over borders, and are often made to suit local tastes.

      Wines are primarily classified based on their colour and grape variety. The main categories include red wines, which are produced from dark-coloured grapes, resulting in wines that often have robust and rich flavours.

      White wines, on the other hand, are made from green or yellow grapes and typically offer lighter, more crisp flavours. Rosé wines have a pink hue and can vary in sweetness, offering a middle ground between red and white varieties.

      Sparkling wines are known for their effervescence and are often associated with celebratory occasions.