Henschke Wines

      Regarded as one of Australia's great producers of red wines (though they've got some delicious whites under their belt, too!), the family-owned Henschke in Eden Valley have some of the best winemakers and the oldest grapevines in Australia.

      While known for their signature (and incredibly hard-to-obtain, due to small releases and cult status) Hill of Grace, Henschke have a full range of mostly varietal Eden Valley wines.

      The operation is named for Johann Christian Henschke, who in 1841 arrived in Australia from Germany and entered the then-nascent Australian wine industry. Henschke was one of the first great South Australian winemakers, and his methods and approaches have been influential all over Australia since. In the 1950s, Henschke championed the switch in Australian winemaking from predominantly fortified wines to the currently-popular table wines.

      Henschke have been, since their inception, one of the finest South Australian winemakers. Pick any Henschke wine and you're guaranteed a complex, flavourful drop with the weight of history behind it.

      Henschke make a number of red wines, often named for particular hills or other features in the Henschke vineyards. Many of Henschke's best-loved red wines are Shirazes or Shiraz blends.

      The Barossa zone encompasses the Barossa Valley and slightly higher Eden Valley. The Eden Valley, with its slightly cooler nights, is best-known for high-quality Rieslings and other aromatic white wines, while the Barossa is famous for big and complex reds - but this isn't a rule, and some of the best Barossa-zone reds (from Henschke, for example!) come from the Eden Valley.