Large Format

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      For when bigger is better! Enjoy wine, Champagne and spirits in larger-than-usual bottles. Perfect as a showstopping gift or a centrepiece for a bar or party. A 1L bottle, 1.5L Magnum, 3L Jeroboam or 6L Methuselah makes a distinctive visual statement, and purists prefer larger bottles for Champagne. Buy a personalised Magnum to really show your appreciation for your coworker, client, family member or special someone. 

      As a truly special gift, or to make a statement in your home bar or party supplies. If you've got a deep love for a particular spirit or know somebody who does, a big bottle might be just what you need.

      Large-format generally refers to any wine or spirits sold in a bottle size larger than the standard 700mL (spirits) or 750mL (wine). Common sizes include a value 1L size, also popular for limited-edition whisky expressions, and 1.5L Magnum that holds twice as much wine as a standard bottle.

      The Jeroboam (3L) and Methuselah (6L) are also popular, and even larger sizes exist - these are similarly named for Biblical figures.