Lark Tasmanian Malt Whisky

      If you're a convert to, or just curious about, the amazing malt whisky coming out of Tasmania these days, you can thank Bill Lark. Starting in 1992 with a tiny distillery later known as "The Shed", Bill took his father-in-law's question - why isn't anyone making malt whisky in Tasmania? - seriously, and began to distill a whisky made from barley, water and later peat all sourced from the pristine environment of Tasmania.

      The Tasmanian whisky industry has grown and grown since then, mostly around the South of Tasmania, and various distilleries and operations have merged, collaborated, folded, swapped talent and more, with the House of Lark always  a prominent institution. The Lark Cellar Door in Hobart remains the best place to sample any number of gorgeous Tassie whiskies, gins and more - and this page is the best place to pick up a bottle of Lark single malt sent right to you.

      Lark's range of single malt and blended malt Tasmanian whiskies show a house philosophy obsessed with detail and experimentation - plenty of experimental cask finishes, high- or cask-strength whiskies, and all from tiny production runs or even single barrels. Pure Tasmanian water, barley, and even Tassie-sourced sphagnum peat are used to create whisky with purity and terroir.

      Lark's whiskies include experimental cask finish whiskies like the chinotto-cask Rebellion, traditional single malts such as the Classic Cask and Tasmanian Peated, and blended malts such as Symphony No. 1, which combines malt whisky from several Tasmanian distilleries owned by the House of Lark.

      The Lark Classic Cask shows the Lark house style - rich, luxurious and fruit-forward, with a hint of Tasmanian peat. This whisky is available in a 500mL format or as part of several gorgeous sample gift packs with laser-etched Lark Glencairn tasting glass.