Don Julio Tequila

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      Don Julio is named in honour of its founder, Don Julio González Estrada, whose expertise in all things tequila came from a life devoted to its creation in just about every conceivable role. Don Julio tequilas are still made at his La Primavera ('the springtime') distillery from agave piñas harvested in the family estate and with the methods and recipes perfected by Don Julio.

      Don Julio tequilas are made with care and old-fashioned hands-on methods, for a tequila steeped in tradition that tequila expert and brand founder Don Julio Gonzalez would be proud of. If you want artisanal tequila with a real sense of place, you want Don Julio.

      Don Julio produce handmade tequilas in the three major styles, blanco, añejo and reposado, all from 100% Jalisco agave harvested in the family fields.

      Don Julio's blanco (white, unaged), reposado ('rested', lightly aged), and añejo (aged) tequilas, in their signature squat round bottles that replaced older tall tequila bottles, are all popular choices! An range of super-premium extra-aged tequilas are also available.

      1942 and Ultima Reserva both represent the pinnacle of tequila-making, but have slightly different approaches. 1942 is aged just short of the threshold for extra-añejo, and uses the spirit from just one specially selected pot still.
      Ultima Reserva meets the extra-añejo threshold, and is aged using a sherry-style solera system - each bottle contains a small amount of spirit from Don Julio's final agave harvest.