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      Keep walking! Tall, square bottles of Johnnie Walker whisky can be found worldwide, as can their fans. Johnnie Walker's history extends back to the 19th century, where John Walker himself operated an Ayrshire grocery shop and began trading in whisky. In 1860, the iconic square bottle (which packs more compactly) and diagonal label (which allows for larger text) were introduced.

      A huge collection of rare malt and grain whiskies allow Johnnie Walker to blend delicious expressions of all types - from extra-aged whiskies, to the classic Johnnie Walker Red, to blended malts and extra-smokey versions.

      We've got plenty here - pick classic Red Label, luxurious Johnnie Walker Blue Label, firey Johnnie Walker Black Label, gift packs and more.

      Johnnie Walker is the world's best-loved Scotch whisky. The signature square bottles are colour-coded, with expression ranging from the signature Red Label to the extra-aged Black Label and super-premium Blue Label. Whatever your taste in whisky, there's a Johnnie Walker for you!

      Johnnie Walker's whiskies are usually named with a colour - the classic expression is Red Label, Black Label is aged a little longer, Blue Label uses the finest old whiskies, and many more.

      Johnnie Walker Red isn't just Johnnie Walker's best-selling product, but the best-selling Scotch whisky worldwide. Perfect with ice and a splash of soda, Johnnie Walker Red balances a touch of smoke with malty fullness and a light, floral aroma.

      Johnnie Walker Double Black is inspired by Black Label, but uses more heavily-charred barrels and a greater percentage of peated malt to create a richer, smokier whisky. Johnnie Walker Black Label and Double Black make use of the same whiskies in different proportions.